Snipped from RoadWorthy April 2000

rw5-00-13.jpg (25914 bytes)Another bike that deserves a second look is Peter Coronado’s “Bring Back The Eldorado” 74/96 Eldo 1100i concept bike built by Moto Guzzi Classics, and shot at the Southern California Rally. By far the most popular article I’ve ever done for the “MGNOC News”, the Eldo’s beautiful lines are surpassed only by how it works. It’s not too late to send me your thoughts by either regular mail or the electronic variety, but I’m getting ready to send the package off to the proper authorities. Will it make a difference? I don’t know, but it sure is fun thinking about it. Look for some full color overseas coverage on this one too, and yet more print in the Moto Guzzi Club Nederland magazine (in Holland).

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