Hi, my name is Catherine, my dad's name is Peter, and I have two dogs, named Cookie and Osa. Cookie is a Yorkshire Terrier, and she came from my Granddad, my dad's dad. And Osa is a Skipherkie, and we bought her from a nice lady, far away. Osa was not very good when we got her, she kept running away. But, Cookie on the other hand, was the best dog to us, and still is.

I am in the seventh grade, and I love it, because my teacher is the nicest teacher yet, she treat us with not that much homework, sometimes me and my fellow classmates get on her nerves, by talking too much. I am twelve years old, like pretty much all my friends.

All my friends names are........Kashae, Ashley, Della, Emily, Marcy, Jessica, Amanda, and Nicole.